Driving with Time Definite Services Inc.

Time Definite Services Inc. trucks run all over the United States and trans-border Canada. As primarily a refrigerated carrier, our freight has predictability and minimized waiting periods. The majority of our shipments originate or end within a two day’s drive of our facilities in Chicago and central Florida. We do have customers that enable our trucks to really crank out the miles running West, Southwest, Northeast, East, and trans-border Canada.

Join the fleet with the safest, most respected drivers in the industry.

Driving Divisions

Over-the-Road (OTR), Team & Trans-Border Canada

  • We hire out of 48 states. Time Definite Services Inc. runs in 48 states and also Canada (not mandatory).
  • Primary Lanes are East of I-35
  • Drivers stay out 2-3 weeks at a time (longer if you like).
  • 1 day off for each week out.
  • All dispatched miles are paid.

Fl. Local

  • Drivers run the whole state of Florida.
  • 5 days on 2 days off.

Il. Local

  • Drivers work 5 days with 2 days off.

Owner Operators Program

Do you own your own truck?

Owner Operators Program

Bonus Programs Available

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Bonus Programs Available

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Time Definite Services Inc. is a family company with family values that cares about the drivers! The home time is good, all miles are paid, new equipment and a great service department make the job more enjoyable.
- Michael Jackson with company since 2014
I'm always busy and the miles are great. Someone is always available to speak with and I have a lot of fun working at this great company. We're like family!
-Oral Huslin with company since 2012
My brother found Time Definite Services Inc. and said he had found an amazing company, (and he would get a bonus if I came on board). He got his bonus and I got an extended family.
-Michelle Porter with company since 2012
Time Definite Services Inc. runs late model equipment and treat you like family, not just a number. I would highly recommend them to any qualified driver.
-Terry Bobulinski with company since 2013
There is peace of mind in knowing that no matter what may happen while you are far away from home, that there are people that will do their very best to get you where you absolutely need to be.
-Charles Trickel with company since 2014