Temperature Monitoring

As a leader in safe, cost-effective transportation of temperature sensitive goods, Time Definite Services Inc. is committed to delivering solutions that enable your business to maintain the highest food safety and quality standards. We understand food and other types of perishable shipments can become worthless, or even dangerous, if not kept at the required temperature and transported to the destination in a safe, timely manner.

Technological upgrades represent a major breakthrough for the food safety and quality arenas in terms of reducing recall liabilities, providing longer shelf life and higher quality to buyers, while meeting government transportation control requirements. Over the past several years, we have implemented a high-technology quality control system with state of the art equipment and years of experience; the result is tried and true. It is paramount to our efficiency, productivity, and communication; and allows us to ensure the integrity and safety of your goods and greatly reduce risk of spoilage and loss.


  • Electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) and communication system
  • Online customer shipment satellite tracking
  • In-transit/real-time access to refrigeration unit operating state, and temperature readings: set point, supply, return, and ambient
  • Real-time alarms of reefer operation events and door openings


  • Downloadable equipment performance history (one or multiple shipments)
  • Minute-by-minute location tracking
  • Recording of temperature every 6 hours, or as requested
  • Documented equipment maintenance as well as stops
  • Documented processes and quality standards

Temperature Validation

  • Pre-cooling unit prior to loading
  • Remote management of refrigeration unit settings
  • Independent temperature sensors with back-up sensors
  • In-house maintenance of trailer units every 3,000 hours
  • Temperature Validation of sensors and Microprocessors are evaluated every 2 years

Risk Management

  • 2012 - 2017 model fleet
  • Air-ride trailers equipped with E-track and load bars
  • Optional trailer customization is available
  • Best practices training for proper loading and unloading
  • 24/7/365 continuous staff monitoring of shipments
  • Route optimization for increased shipment efficiency
  • Professional trailer sanitation for each shipment

Transporting temperature controlled products – it’s Time Definite Services Inc. at our best!