Equipment & Technology

We’re investing in equipment that makes the grade.

Today’s professional truck drivers worry about equipment more than ever.  From CSA concerns to lost earnings caused by maintenance downtime, the equipment you drive impacts your livelihood. Time Definite Services Inc. gets it.

Driver safety, wellness, and comfort are our top priorities. Take a look and see why our drivers are so proud to haul for Time Definite Services Inc.!

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Driver Safety and Comfort

Our trucks offer a quiet and comfortable ride with state-of-the-art technologies that enhance driver performance.

  • Assigned trucks
  • 2016 and newer equipment Top-rated safety equipment
  • Volvo 780's
  • Great Dane Everest trailers
  • Thermo King president C 600 units
  • Thermo King SB 230 refrigeration units
  • 1800 watt inverters
  • Tri-Pac units

In-Cab Technology

Every Time Definite Services Inc. truck is equipped with a Carrier Mate console where drivers receive load information and refrigeration unit operation information; communicate with the operations team and complete e-logs.  Trailers are equipped with Reefer Mate tracking and temperature monitoring systems.

  • Mobile ELD & Dispatch -  Everything is available directly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Track hours of service with Transflo ELD
  • Manage loads from anywhere
  • Two-way communication with dispatch
  • Document scanning
  • View fuel lane wait-times, and more with the Loves app integration
  • Weight and truck scale services provided by CAT Scale
  • View nearby Transflo Express truck stop scanning locations
  • Handle accident and OS&D reports
  • View live weather reports
  • Complete Safety Training requirements and view company update videos.
  • And much more
  • Electronic Logging providing updated DOT hours of service information and letting you  know when your DOT hours are about to expire to help you manage CSA compliance
  • Refrigeration control and live temperature alerts

Equipment Replacement Planning

Our goal is to replace equipment every 3 to 4 years depending on truck performance, regulations, and financing opportunities.

Eco-Friendly Equipment

New equipment means more than just a comfortable experience for our drivers.  It’s also better for our planet and a part of our commitment as a SmartWay Partner.  While many of the fuel saving Aero Dynamic features are standard in newer models, we also look to gain efficiency through:

  • Multi-torque engines
  • Trailer Skirts
  • Low rolling resistance tires
  • Engine Idle Limiters
  • Optimized fuel efficiency and mileage per gallon